brand owners solve complex dtc alcohol sales with accelpay

AccelPay simplifies the complexities of DTC alcohol sales.

Conquer split orders, routing, and payments without the headaches.

"The key to expanding our online sales."

Los Dos Tequila
Three-tier compliance
Distributed fulfillment
Intelligent routing


Split Payments
There have been 25 split orders in the last week.
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Merchandise Sales
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Alcohol Sales
Want to offer multiple product types in the same shopping cart? We make it happen while keeping the customer experience easy.
Sell merchandise and alcohol together
Spirits and wine? Beer and spirits? We got you.
We handle splitting the fulfillment
Local Wine & Spirits Co.
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(1) Grapefruit Paloma 12 pk
(2) Favorites Flight 12pk
(1) Prickly Pear Margarita 6pk
Fulfill Order
Shipping Status
Our intelligent order routing system finds the fastest and most reliable option for delivering a customer's package.
Algorithmic routing without human bias
Can split orders containing multiple products
Adheres to complex regulatory compliance laws
Local Wine & Spirits Co.
Branchburg, NJ
Purchase Amount
Sales Tax
Additional Charges
We connect merchant accounts directly to licensed retailers, leaving you out of the flow of fund and keeping you compliant.
Stay compliant with regulatory agencies
Keep smaller shops in business
Get ahead of changing compliance bodies

Let AccelPay handle the growing pains and help your brand expand to new markets.

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"Crucial for launching in a new market!”
Luis M.

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