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beverage founder uses accelpay e-commerce built for dtc alcohol sales
Reach consumers in the majority of states.
Average increase in DTC revenue our customers see.
New web platforms needed to integrate with our software.
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Deliver an unbeatable customer experience with every order.

Top reasons why your customers will love AccelPay:
A consistent branded shopping experience.
Clear and transparent order tracking info.
One checkout flow for both merch and bottles.
Orders are fulfilled quickly and reliably.

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Tired of bouncing customers out to a different domain to sell bottles?

AccelPay directly integrates with your existing website, letting you own the full customer experience. Never bounce a customer out to a sub-domain.
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Struggling to fulfill orders quickly and keep your customers up-to-date?

They'll get detailed tracking updates at every step. Plus, if they have any questions or concerns, we manage support inquiries so you don't have to!
Local Wine & Spirits Co.
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(1) Grapefruit Paloma 12 pk
(2) Favorites Flight 12pk
(1) Prickly Pear Margarita 6pk
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Stressing over complex payment or order routing logistics as you grow?

Our intelligent order routing system finds the fastest and option for delivering a customer’s package and allows for merchandise sales in the same cart as alcohol.
Juneshine order
10 minutes ago
Delivery to Stamford, CT routed to Local Wine & Spir...
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There have been 25 split orders in the last week.
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"Their concept and platform are 100% effective. It has solved so many DTC logistics issues for us while bringing costs down on our end. Highly recommend getting on board with AccelPay!"
Woody Creek Distillers

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