How Agua Mágica Streamlined Their DTC Alcohol Sales

Agua Mágica

Eliminating the points of friction in direct-to-consumer alcohol sales

Agua Mágica, a rising craft mezcal brand founded by a Mexican team in New York and Oaxaca, is redefining mezcal as a global luxury spirit and giving rise to the artisans and communities of Oaxaca. Born out of a deep appreciation for the Oaxacan heritage and culture, Agua Mágica aims to raise the bar while honoring the rich history of mezcal. 

Agua Mágica grew dissatisfied with their previous e-commerce platform because they were experiencing slow shipping times, customer service headaches, and inaccurate inventory tracking. The team was striving for a solution that could alleviate these pain points while elevating online sales volume.

Choosing AccelPay’s e-commerce platform

Agua Mágica recognized the need for a robust e-commerce platform that aligned with their brand vision, allowed them to maximize their online sales potential, and removed the headaches of managing a new channel. With AccelPay, they found the perfect partner to power their direct-to-consumer sales and enhance the customer journey.

The decision to embrace AccelPay as their trusted e-commerce platform was driven by the software's multifaceted DTC capabilities. AccelPay intelligently manages order routing, ensures optimal stock levels with fulfillment partners, and effectively handles consumer inquiries. By offloading these operational burdens, Agua Mágica unlocked precious time and resources to channel into brand enrichment and operational enhancements.

Results and success metrics so far

Since partnering with AccelPay in January 2023, Agua Mágica has achieved significant growth in their online sales, increasing sales 125% compared to last year on their previous platform and their conversion rate increased 43%. These figures highlight the success of their new DTC platform and the increasing demand for Agua Mágica mezcal in the market.

The benefits of the AccelPay DTC experience

Fast shipping times

One of the key challenges Agua Mágica faced with their previous platform was slow shipping times. This resulted in frustrated customers, who were used to being able to quickly walk into a liquor store and leave with the bottle of their choice.

According to Dulce Sanchez, Marketing Director at Agua Mágica, "We have been able to meet consumer expectations with faster fulfillment and shipping, which is critical in driving purchasing decisions and key to driving repeat purchases."

Managed customer support

Agua Mágica appreciated the strong working relationship between AccelPay and their fulfillment partners, which ensured consistent inventory levels.

"Our customer service has undergone a remarkable transformation since partnering with AccelPay. We now have the capacity to promptly address every individual with order-related inquiries, cultivating contented customers who eagerly return for more," said Sanchez.

Reliable fulfillment partners

A huge selling point for the Agua Mágica team was AccelPay’s managed customer support service. All inquiries about online ordering, such as tracking details, delivery estimates, or refund requests are handled autonomously by AccelPay. Leaning on AccelPay’s customer service expertise means that buyers get fast, personalized responses to their questions and Agua Mágica gets far less clutter in their email boxes. 

“Retailers obviously can’t ship our products to our customers quickly if they don’t have any in stock. So it’s been a huge relief that AccelPay is able to track inventory levels across their fulfillment partners and solve any issues before they become a problem,” said Sanchez.

With coverage in over 40 states, AccelPay’s network allowed Agua Mágica to immediately offer nationwide shipping to their online customers. 

What's next for Agua Mágica?

By switching to AccelPay, Agua Mágica can drive customers to a native online shopping experience, offer fast shipping to over 40 states, streamline their customer service operations, and trust that their fulfillment partners are keeping up with inventory.

AccelPay continues to support Agua Mágica's growth by providing a comprehensive e-commerce solution tailored to their unique brand.

Become a success story with your online sales

If you're an alcohol brand seeking to navigate the world of e-commerce and achieve remarkable results, visit AccelPay today and request a demo to explore how we can help you sell your products online.

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