Boost DTC Alcohol Sales by Offering Unique Bundles Online

If you want to supercharge your e-commerce sales into the holiday season and beyond, offering unique product bundles to your customers is a great way to do it.

Keep your loyal customers engaged by continually adding new bundles that highlight timely holiday offerings, new merchandise, limited releases, and more. These tactics have proven to greatly increase repeat revenue for other AccelPay brands. Some great examples can be found below.

Tip Top Proper Cocktails

Pairing their hero product with a complementary partner (black cherry garnish).


Bundling products that pair well together as a cocktail set.

Agua Mágica

Offering a gift box set is a great way to boost holiday sales.

Other Ideas for Unique Bundles

  • Make a collection that includes your hero product alongside branded merch

  • Make a collection featuring a limited-edition release alongside your hero product

  • Offer these unique collections at a discount (10%) when purchased together, or provide free shipping on bundles

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