How Far North Spirits Found a Trustworthy eCommerce Partner and Doubled Online Sales

Far North Spirits

Finding a trustworthy eCommerce partner doubled online sales in under 6 months

After a disappointing search for online sales solutions, Far North Spirits was introduced to AccelPay through one of their distributors. The easy software integration and consistent customer experience immediately set AccelPay apart. Over the next six months, a successful eCommerce partnership blossomed and Far North's online sales doubled.

Facing a digital age

Boutique distillery of premium spirits

Far North Spirits is a boutique distillery in Hallock, Minnesota, that has been operating since 2013, when Michael Swanson and Cheri Rease returned to the Red River Valley Swanson farm with a desire to make premium, artisanal spirits.

Navigating shifting buyer behavior

Over time, Mike and Cheri realized consumer buying behavior was shifting online, a trend only accelerated by the pandemic. As a result, they began searching for solutions to help facilitate Far North’s online presence, but were disappointed by what they found.

“We did some talking to companies early on, and it all felt like smoke and mirrors,” said founder Cheri Rease. “To this day I don’t understand those competitors’ fee structures - it was so complicated and it felt like we were taking a huge risk.”

Forming a successful partnership

Easy breezy integration

Far North was introduced to AccelPay through one of their distributors in early 2021, and immediately recognized they could offer something different. For Cheri, AccelPay made things simple. She could see that getting ramped up would be a streamlined process and wouldn’t require them to change anything about their current systems. 

In fact, the team was able to integrate Far North’s software systems with AccelPay in under a week with minimal complexity.

“It was amazingly transparent and easy to understand,” confirmed Rease. “The setup was easy breezy because the way we sell hasn’t changed at all. The only difference is suddenly we’re selling more.”

Consistency is key

Far North loved that AccelPay was able to keep the selling experience consistent for their online customers. Keeping shoppers on the branded Far North website and controlling the checkout experience from end-to-end was a huge selling point. They had worked hard to build a brand that reflected their premium, artisanal process and wanted it to shine through at all points of the buyers’ journey.

As Cheri put it, “With AccelPay, we can go really deep with the story we’re telling and reach our customers directly. This just isn’t possible through traditional distribution channels.”

Experiencing an uplift in online sales

eCommerce revenue doubled in under 6 months

“We’re able to launch projects and activations that never would have been possible before. We’re excited to see what’s next!” said Cheri Rease.

Since signing on with AccelPay, Far North’s performance has been strong, exceeding the founders’ expectations in the first six months. From June 2021 to December 2021, the team saw a 2x uplift in online sales. They’ve also seen tremendous value in the brand and data ownership AccelPay allows.

“Liquor is a tricky business. You don’t know who you can trust. Trust is a huge selling point AccelPay brings to the equation for us. With them, we know we can go really deep with the story we’re telling and reach customers directly. This just isn’t possible through traditional distribution channels.”

Cheri Rease
Founder of Far North Spirits

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