How Alcohol Brands Can Boost On-Site Conversion Rates

At Accelpay, our most frequently asked question is, “How can alcohol brands increase their on-site conversion rates?”

After all, there aren’t many useful examples of best practices to follow in the alcohol space, yet emerging brands are always in need of actionable resources and recommendations.

Our advice? Design, build, and market your brand as if you weren’t in the alcohol business.

There’s no secret to converting customers in this industry, so borrow from tried-and-true tactics across parallel e-commerce categories. With a clean website and a clearly defined funnel, customers will convert — regardless of whether you’re an alcohol brand or not.

Through our platform, we handle the backend of compliance and fulfillment so that you can focus on making your product as attractive and sticky for customers as possible. Schedule a demo to see how it can free up time that you can invest in boosting your on-site conversions.

3 Steps to Ramp Up Conversion Rates

A range of proven practices have yielded consistent conversion upgrades for DTC brands across verticals and come recommended by veteran investors and founders alike. 

We distilled the three steps that have driven some of the best results.

Clean Website

Designing a clean, uncluttered, and fluidly navigable site will be the first step to ensuring potential buyer conversion. Consider Far North Spirits

A lot of brands tend to lean too heavily on overly designed elements. GIFs and oversized visuals may be eye-catching, but they don't always drive conversion. Rather, they overpopulate your site, slow down speeds, and cause browsers to churn from your site.

Instead, we recommend limiting your landing pages to the most relevant and necessary data customers may need to understand your brand and what they’ll find if they keep clicking. 

In the e-comm world, your digital presence is everything, so keeping a simple aesthetic and clear navigation can do an enormous amount of legwork for you. Ultimately, you want to create a home on the web that is educational, functional, and helps customers intuitively checkout.

Crisp Products Page

After ensuring your homepage is uncluttered, you’ll want to focus on building or optimizing a clean page that lists your hero products or your bestselling staple items. 

This page should be kept pretty simple since it’s near the top of your customer acquisition funnel; where visitors can start to browse, choose from, and compare your selection. 

When laying out your hero products, make sure to limit what you list. It’s important to avoid detailing your whole stock or seasonal SKUs which won’t be available for long. We recommend listing four to six of your bestsellers, alongside concise descriptions and purchase options.

Core Product Descriptions

An efficient product page is crucial, as it’ll help us successfully navigate the buyer towards the bottom of the funnel by going from product browsing to hitting the “Add to Cart” button. 

Like Far North Spirits, you’ll want to establish a hierarchy of information. 

Remember why your shoppers are motivated to look at your product in the first place. Maybe they’re connoisseurs looking to expand their collection or they just want a classy present for their in-laws. Whatever category they fall in, place the information most relevant to their concerns up top. 

Our final recommendation is one not to do — the mistake we see most often while working with brands at Accelpay: splitting the purchasing funnel at the bottom. 

Many brands can successfully drive traffic and educate their customers up to this point, but fail to establish a clear and compelling call-to-action to add to cart and purchase.

With this misstep, you’ve gotten your customer all the way down the funnel but then drive them off your website by hiding your core CTA. As a result, you’ve forfeited that buyer conversion and revenue event at the very last phase of the customer funnel.

Simple Funnel, Simple Conversion

To boost on-site conversion, you should focus on the three steps outlined above.

At the core of each step is your ability to maintain a streamlined customer journey up and down the funnel, without interrupting user flows to final purchase. 

After your customers successfully convert, Accelpay can take care of the rest. To start selling online and drive conversions on day one, get started here

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