Increase Average Order Value by Selling Cases Online

Here's a simple DTC tip for you: start selling entire cases of product instead of single items! Do it yourself, or let AccelPay set up the product for you.

Just reach out to Customer Success to help create the product and add it to your site. We've found that brands who offer the option to buy a case online have doubled the Average Order Value for that product.

Other Tips for Case Sales:

  • Once you've launched your case, be sure to send a promo email to your audience about your case offerings.
  • Show customers how the price per bottle decreases when buying a whole case.
  • Consider offering free shipping when a customer buys a case, or an additional discount (10%) on cases to further incentivize the sale.

Lo Siento Tequila:

Here's a great example of an AccelPay brand doing it right! Lo Siento allows customers to order a case and save with free shipping on orders of 6 bottles or more.

Other Ways to Boost Online Sales:

Check out our gallery of holiday promo email templates that you can download and customize for your brand.

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