How Tip Top Made World-Class Cocktails More Accessible and Easy to Order Online

Tip Top Proper Cocktails

Making world-class cocktails accessible and easy to order

The Tip Top team believes that good stuff should be accessible. After creating a world-class cocktail in easy-to-serve tiny cans, they needed an eCommerce partner who valued quality and convenience as much as them. AccelPay’s customer experience checked all of these boxes and helped Tip Top sell over 50,000 cocktails in their first 90 days on the platform.

Turning "ready to drink" into "ready to order"

Classic cocktails within reach

Tip Top was founded by music industry veterans who had seen the demand for high-quality cocktails increase, but recognized the difficulty in serving them in the high-volume environments at concerts and festivals. They sought out to create a convenient, easy-to-serve solution without sacrificing the quality craftsmanship of a proper cocktail. 

Easy, convenient ordering

After partnering with James Beard finalist bartender Miles Macquarrie of Kimball House to perfect their recipes, Tip Top knew they achieved their initial goal of making a high-quality cocktail that was easy to serve to the masses. Now it was time to figure out how to ensure that Tip Top cans were as easy for consumers to purchase as they were to pour.

"Creating a high-quality, convenient cocktail that could be enjoyed anywhere was just the first step. We quickly realized that making our products easily accessible online was going to be a major challenge,” said co-founder Yoni Reisman. “With so many different platforms and compliance considerations, we worried about finding the best way to get Tip Top Cocktails in the hands of our customers."

Finding a partner with similar values

Ease and consistency

Tip Top was introduced to AccelPay in early 2022, and immediately recognized that they placed a shared importance on ease-of-use and a consistent customer experience. For Yoni, the ability to offer consumers a custom-branded online shopping experience without ever having to leave the Tip Top website was a huge selling point.

After focusing so much attention on the quality of their product, they wanted to have the same level of control over their eCommerce flow.

“With AccelPay, we added a mobile-friendly branded store to our existing website,” confirmed Reisman. “We didn’t need to bounce customers out to a different domain, which means we kept full ownership of the shopping experience, as well as all the customer data.”

Simple setup process

Tip Top loved that AccelPay was able to keep the implementation of their online store simple and straightforward. Not having to change anything about their Shopify store made getting ramped up extremely quick and easy. They were a small team juggling lots of responsibilities and working hard to build a successful brand, so limiting the amount of technical obstacles to start selling was a must. 

As Yoni put it, “As a growing team with limited resources, we needed an e-commerce partner that could get it done while ensuring acceptable margins. AccelPay freed us up to focus on building our brand and growing our business, rather than spending time and resources on complex technical integrations."

Successful launch of online sales

50,000 units sold in 90 days

“We own all of the customer data from those sales, which has made remarketing and repeat business really strong going forward. We’re excited to see what’s next,” said Yoni Reisman.

Since launching their e-commerce operations with AccelPay, Tip Top’s performance has been strong, exceeding the founders’ expectations in the first 90 days. From Apri; 2022 to July 2022, the team sold 50,000 canned cocktails through their online store. They’ve also seen tremendous value in the brand and data ownership AccelPay allows.

"The alcohol business is tough. Just perfecting our recipes and finalizing branding was hard enough, I can’t imagine having to navigate all of the eCommerce hurdles without AccelPay. Their platform helped us bust through all of those hurdles and get our online business cranking. So glad we found them!”

Yoni Reisman
Co-Founder and CEO of Tip Top

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